Full Moon Meditations 

Full Moon Meditation Puja Ceremony, end of month by donation bookings required e: quillayoga@live.com. Experience mother moon and earth healing with beautiful healing chants, heart opening meditation .

Invitation: You are warmly Invited:

The full moon meditation is an ancient vedic ceremony performed around the world on full moon which involves a sacred fire ceremony, chanting mantras and making offerings to mother moon and mother earth to bring peace and joy to the world; all known as a puja.  Specifically, the chants we do will invoke the Divine Mother to bring the three aspects and blessings of Goddesses which are the embodiments of Wisdom, Abundance and Strength. Takes about 45-60 minutes and everyone will have an opportunity to participate by making a prayer offering to the fire and flower offering in a sacred circle if they wish. It is a beautiful opportunity to meditate, set a new resolution, offer a prayer for the world, a loved one, our own healing and to experience our innate divinity. 

Inspired by the teachings of Swami Niranjananda from the Satyananda Yoga tradition and Jivamukti Yoga to bring peace, love and joy to all beings everywhere.

Look forward to sharing with you a special night ceremony to mother moon, mother earth for ourselves and others. 

Sri Ratna x


Align your yoga practice with the 'cycles of the moon' Unleash your creativeness when the moon flower blooms, unleashing your inner power to shine and light from within. Blooming in full moon twilight esp. beneficial for conception.

Quilla Yoga classes offer asana, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation. Vegetarian cooking classes, full moon meditations, kirtan events and reiki healing; all based around supporting and evolving the spirit.

Yoga is a gate way to self-knowledge and self-exploration unleashing your potential creativeness in everything you do.

We are passionate about yoga by how it can empower you and others around you through this amazing ancient form of healing, which has never been so relevant in today's society of intense global crisis and consciousness shift. As inspired by Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti yoga. 


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