Namaste                                                                        Yoga an ‘everlasting tool’ for life…  

“Align your yoga practice with the cycles of the moon in all her beauty and seek to harness her power for a peaceful, luminous and pure life” by Sri Ratna, Quilla Yoga.

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Quilla Yoga is a yoga school to many ages from babies, children, teens to adults. Teaching children both in kindergardens and schools, to teaching teens in high school. Mums n bubs classes are offered from 3mnths to 1yr old babies. 

Teaching different types of classes from the Satyananda and Jivamukti Yoga traditions
offering an integral yoga system of asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation and chanting for true self transformation; are some of the highlights for adults.

Yoga an everlasting tool for life...having a positive mind and tools to create a solid foundation for the present and future -‘is an everlasting tool’ to a more peaceful fulfilling life.

Quilla: means moon goddess in Quechua from the Incas of Peru and Bolivia, South America. Quilla Yoga is the essence of our humanness connection to the moon. Combining Inca, Aztec, Mayan, Vedic and Yogic techniques and philosophies creates a way of life that brings one into balance with nature and invites one to access the Higher Divine Self that lives in every single living being on this planet. ‘Moonsong;’ moon meditation events of kirtan (chanting) and havans further deepens this connection.

We also offer organic food through Quilla Foods online shop for gourmet food choices with recipes for a completly balanced lifestyle lending a hand in Ayurvedic foods such as lentils, quinoa, giant corn and more. 
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& Yoga Aid 

Phone: 0433 421 937

Yoga Classes Address: L1, 67 Raglan St, Waterloo 2017 NSW



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